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AA I: 1/29/35
May 6th, 2044
Vindico Crew Quarters 275

    "Whoooahoho! Look at her! I mean, she's just- look at her!"
Anthony had his face pressed against the window. Rebecca sighed, clearly annoyed and Silas was speaking with another engineer who accompanied them. Since the day before, they moved the female mantis alien into her own atmosphere appropriate room for more comfort and privacy. She was given meals and treated fairly well. Compared to anyone else who might have attacked a human and nearly killed them that is. The engineer speaking with Silas gave a final look at the window into the alien's room before leaving. Silas came over and kneeled by Anthony. It seemed at the moment the mantis was speaking with someone in another windowed room they couldn't see into. Anthony spoke again. "I wonder if she has a name, or if we ever gave her one!"
"Out of respect, I believe they want her to admit it first. Though she seems hesitant to share." Silas added in.
"Or she's shy because people keep trying to stare at her." Rebecca rolled her eyes, a small, amused smile on her lips as she saw their Ittai boss and her twin brother both peeking in to see her.

"I'm glad they only open the windows up when they are talking to her." Silas said to the side.
"Did you know she has eggs on her? Or pods? Or, whatever you call them!" Anthony was excited, then again, it was rare when he wasn't. Silas leaned to the side to speak.
"Yes. I hope they are safe with all that has happened. Though, Anthony, I believe your sister is right. How about we leave her while the investigators do the prying, hmm? We may make her nervous, and you can always see the recordings on your devices."
Silas stood with a hearty chuckle and Anthony looked disappointed. He pulled himself up though and turned to them. A weakened smile and a salute. "Aye, sir."
"I find myself hungry at the moment. If either of you wish to join me at the cafeteria, I would not be opposed."
Anthony lit up again at Silas’ words, nodding fervently. " Yes sir!"
Rebecca saluted with a little grin. She was hungry too.

Vindico Cafeteria 02

    The three were carrying their trays and looking for open seats in the busy facility. It was lunch time so the large room probably had just a few hundred short of its 1000 member capacity. Silas made another chuckle. " Perhaps I should have made myself wait another hour..."
"Chief Silas?" A few tables down, another Ittai was waving them down. He was shouting a little with the loud chatter of the room, and was pointing to newly empty seats besides himself and a female human. Anthony cheered at their good fortune as Silas sat down across from the Ittai and looked up at him. "Keziah. A pleasant coincidence. How goes the fighter training?"
"Oh, very well. Except now I'm only the second best pilot in the Silver division. I can beat Felix hands down, but Connie here won't even give me a chance." The younger Ittai laughed, sounding metallic in the alien suit while the human by him smirked."Aw, Keziah you've won a few times… How about we go at the simulator again? 43 out of 85?"
"See what I mean? She is just showing off now!"
Anthony chimed in after already beginning to eat. "Oh, are you two fighter pilots? Nifty!"
Keziah crossed his arms with a somewhat cocky tone. "Indeed. Someone has to fly those Fireflies. Are you two engine workers then?"
Rebecca nodded, but gave her brother the pleasure of responding. "Yes we are! I'm Anthony, and this is my sister, Rebecca."
"Keziah. This is Connie, and you just missed meeting the other four in the squadron."
"Crap. Oh well." Anthony laughed and began to eat again.
"If you were discussing something between yourselves, don't let us intrude." Silas said and looked at his ravioli.
Keziah shrugged. "Ah, just what's been floating about with the alien onboard. It's very interesting, and a little depressing."Anthony perked up and stopped eating again. "What's that?"

"They've been asking about her planet and people. Apparently, their society is governed by a sort of, oligarchy. A group that just tries to make the majority believe they all are or should be equal in every way. They punish and restrain anyone who says otherwise. Drugging the populace, brainwashing..."
"Sounds like a bad case of communism gone wrong to me." Connie said as she was finishing up her meal.
Silas haven't even began eating. This was interesting. "Hmm. The whole planet does this?"
"Well there are small resistances, she says," Keziah brushed off some sauce off his glove he just found with a napkin. "but they are so few and weak they just try to remind society that things can be better. Though with no resources to actually fight it. What really bothers me is that, while nobody is poor or without land under this rule, nobody can deter from the social norm. It looks like they resent individuality. Very few seem to actually be happy under it all. Our alien friend apparently ran away and is being searched for. I don't think they are looking in space though." Keziah chucked. His voice more young and giddy than Silas’.
Anthony’s jaw hung a little open. "Oh, isn't there something we can do?"
"We are in one of the greatest vehicles ever made, with some of the most skilled men and women onboard." Connie smirked. "I think we can do something. Command is probably already cooking up a plan."

"Speaking of cooking, this meal is really good..." Rebecca lightly giggled. Anthony, a little surprised, laughed too. "I forgot how much you love pasta!"
Connie continued to eat with a smile. Keziah joined in with a chortle. "It was good. But, many human foods taste funny. They are too… What's the word...?"
"Sweet?" Silas added in, looking at his fellow Ittai.
"Yes. Sweet!" Keziah turned to Silas. Glad he wasn't alone. "I see you took some too though. Why didn't you grab any of our food?"
Silas made a little hum though the helmet. "I like trying new things." And Silas held a button on the side of his helmet, and a little opening appeared, just big enough to bring a fork of tasty ravioli to his mouth with. Anthony was a little distracted as he saw the Ittai's large, pointed teeth and what looked like a snout above his mouth. Keziah stood and saluted, and Connie did too.
"It was good too see you chief, and you too Rebecca and Anthony. We'll see you around!" Keziah then waved and took their empty trays, leaving with Connie. Silas waved back, and Rebecca saw a smile on their chief Ittai's barely exposed mouth. The first time she ever saw emotion out of an alien. She had to smile too, then rolled her eyes with a grin as Anthony was stuffing himself with lunch.

I kinda like this chapter. :meow: 
Also! I think from now on, every ten chapters, I will take a break for a week or two or so. To catch up maybe, review and plan ahead. :D I hope you are liking the story so far! More will come soon!

And a nice friend was kind enough to draw their own intreptation of an Ittai and I like it very much. :iconawesomeplz: Thanks Hal1989 !
[Free Commission] Notsun by Hal1989
All events and characters and story is conceived by myself just for a little fun. 
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