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AA I: 1/28/35
May 5th, 2044
    Vindico Medbay 02

    "It's a female."
"Are you sure?" Richard skeptically asks.
"Fairly so. And she's pregnant. Though not in our sense. They carry 'eggs' external to them, under their stomach on some sort of growth pad."
"Under the clothing, covering thing?"
"Yup." Richard rubbed his fuzzy chin as the nurse continued to fill him in. Mesh was analyzing a sample of the alien's bile that was in the soldier, Calvin's neck. Looking for a treatment. "... She's not reacting poorly over her injuries?"
"She was only shot three times. The back of the head, her upper thorax, and in the right, back leg. Bruises, but nothing threatening. The chemicals aren't damaging her in any way we can see."
"Good." Richard clapped his hands with a little smirk. "She's still unconscious too it seems for another few minutes. Let's do a biopsy!"
"That won't be necessary..." And through the medbay doors, Captain Ohad had his arms behind his back and looked past the doctors and nurses into the little, sealed room in which the mantis-like alien was asleep on an examination table. It's chest rising and falling minutely but rapidly. Eyes were open, but that was simply because they had no eyelids. Behind the captain were a few bodyguards. People in the hallway were in awe, stopping to see if they could get a glimpse of the alien or their captain about, even if they could see all on the digital cameras in their suits or on their devices. Richard adjusted his cigarette.
"... Hey Capn'."
Ohad faced the nurse. "How long before it wakes?"
"... Considering the, dose delivered… Another 14 minutes."
"That's enough. I want the alien restrained and I want to be in the chamber with it."
"Wait- what?"
Richard raised a brow and Mesh finally looked up from across the room and to the captain. "Captain Ohad. You can't be alone in there. Allow someone-"
“Thank you for volunteering, Meshullam.”
Mesh froze, and signaled Richard to complete the analysis of the bile for him. Richard rolled his eyes with a sigh, a bit annoyed, but did so.
Ohad activated his communicator and spoke into it. "I want a translator, a computer programmer, and some spare researchers allocated to Medbay 02 immediately." A response was made and Ohad faced the chamber. Looking at the being inside.

    "How long now?"
"32 seconds. Approximately."
Ohad and Mesh were alone in the chamber with the mantis. They were both suited, as the chamber had adjusted to have the atmosphere nearly identical to that of where they found the creature. So it may breath with ease. The room's windows were made black so the alien couldn't see the dozens of people, cameras, and strange lab outside the chamber. A single light above them. Ohad was just, staring at it.
"... She's magnificent..."
Mesh was silent. The alien truly was. Hair-like antennas, strong, agile four legs and four arms with prehensile fur under each limb for dexterity and grasping, manipulating. The eyes had a white iris as well as thousands of lenses surrounding the center. The body was shaped like a praying mantis with no wings and that could stand nearly straight up, but seemed to naturally stand at a halfway, bent over angle. It was on it's back now. It wore some clothing around its abdomen, the color of it matched its owner.
"3. 2. 1..."
Its leg kicked, and the fur under its arms seemed to wriggle a bit. After another few seconds, the mantis’ head slowly rose. Upon seeing them, it shot its back out, as if trying to push itself away, but the alien’s limbs and body were pressed down by restraints. It keep trying, but kept failing to escape. Ohad held his hands out. Waving slowly downward. Showing he had no armaments.
"Sssssshhhhhhhh… Calm girl..."
The mantis stopped eventually, though more out of interest at Ohad. It did not understand him, and its chitters and clicks were not easy to comprehend either. The white eyes darted between the human and the Ittai. Moving its head, for its eyes didn't move independently. The being seemed frightened. "Oohooh, just look at her..."
Ohad pressed his hand against his helmet, and pulled it off. He was smiling. And while he pulled his gloves off, frantic chatter of those outside the room came in Mesh's helmet.
"What is he doing?!"
"In minutes he'll go unconscious in there!"
"Meshullam- tell him-!"
The Ittai caught a glance from the captain. He understood the human. Mesh was there to defend the captain's decisions. Whatever they were. At least for the moment.

    The voices kept ranting off and the captain reached his bare, right hand out, towards the mantis.
"... Ssh..."
The alien pulled its head back as far as it could go, hitting the table. Ohad touched it on the forehead. The mantis’ head jerked upward, unnaturally as it felt something in the captain’s touch. Ohad spoke. "Can I take a look?" The alien stared at him.  Eventually making a chirp. Suddenly, the mantis’ head was filled with images, thoughts, sounds, none that it immediately understood. Ohad, had the same happen to him. His eyes shut, he kept his hand on the mantis' head. They both looked like they were in a trance. Ohad seemed far more peaceful, but the alien’s limbs shook and it quivered. A croak coming from it once or twice. After a good few seconds of this, Captain Samureli let go. The alien shook, and breathed faster, then looked to Samureli. It chirped. Ohad nodded in response. "Thank you." Then Mesh pulled Samureli’s helmet on the captain and pushed him out of the chamber without a word, or permission. They passed through two doors to get out of the room and to adjust to the different environments. Upon exiting, the nurse and Mesh were already examining Ohad for any irregularities in breathing or on the hand he touched the alien with. The Captain was breathing deeply. The other dozen onlookers, mostly command and medical, were all just asking what the hell Ohad was thinking and asking what he did. He just ignored them. "I want the programmer and linguist here now!" The two stepped out of the small but frantic and compressed crowd. A linguist by the name Marcus Whitmore and the software engineer, Kyle Burnie. Before they could say a word, the captain tapped them both on the head with his unaffected fingers. They nearly lost their balance and both fluttered their eyes. "Wha-"
"I want you to translate its language and program it into our database." And without another word, the Command medical staff sterilized his hand, and took him out of the medbay with his bodyguards.

Sorry for being posted late. ;) My body has been acting CRaaaazy. Hope you enjoy this chapter!

All events and characters and story is conceived by myself just for a little fun. 
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