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CH 10. Ideals
AA I: 1/29/35
May 6th, 2044
    Vindico Crew Quarters 275

    "Whoooahoho! Look at her! I mean, she's just- look at her!"
Anthony had his face pressed against the window. Rebecca sighed, clearly annoyed and Silas was speaking with another engineer who accompanied them. Since the day before, they moved the female mantis alien into her own atmosphere appropriate room for more comfort and privacy. She was given meals and treated fairly well. Compared to anyone else who might have attacked a human and nearly killed them that is. The engineer speaking with Silas gave a final look at the window into the alien's room before leaving. Silas came over and kneeled by Anthony. It seemed at the moment the mantis was speaking with someone in another windowed room they couldn't see into. Anthony spoke again. "I wonder if she has a name, or if we ever gave her one!"
"Out of respect, I believe they want her to admit it first. Though she seem
:iconnotsun:Notsun 4 0
CH 9. Greetings
AA I: 1/28/35
May 5th, 2044
    Vindico Medbay 02

    "Play anotha' radio transmishion."
Kyle Burnie did, and the smile that grew on Marcus Whitmore’s face looked like he just unwrapped the best Christmas present he could conceive of. Chirping and clicking and some strange background noise was coming through the transmission. However, the linguist turned back to Kyle, and the computer engineer was smirking back. Whitmore began to laugh. He turned to look for a surveillance camera in the room. Cameras were all over the ship after all. When Marcus thought he found one, he ran up to it. Mounting a table in the way and shaking his fists. Speaking to whoever was on the other side."We can undastand it! It's a song! They are singing. On da radio, right naow! Not only that, but et matches up wit what the excursion crew picked up. I don't know haow you did et, but yah did capn'! Give us anotha' hour an we'll have all onboard tr
:iconnotsun:Notsun 1 0
CH 8. Interpretations
AA I: 1/28/35
May 5th, 2044
    Vindico Medbay 02

    "It's a female."
"Are you sure?" Richard skeptically asks.
"Fairly so. And she's pregnant. Though not in our sense. They carry 'eggs' external to them, under their stomach on some sort of growth pad."
"Under the clothing, covering thing?"
"Yup." Richard rubbed his fuzzy chin as the nurse continued to fill him in. Mesh was analyzing a sample of the alien's bile that was in the soldier, Calvin's neck. Looking for a treatment. "... She's not reacting poorly over her injuries?"
"She was only shot three times. The back of the head, her upper thorax, and in the right, back leg. Bruises, but nothing threatening. The chemicals aren't damaging her in any way we can see."
"Good." Richard clapped his hands with a little smirk. "She's still unconscious too it seems for another few minutes. Let's do a biopsy!"
"That won't be necessary..." And through the medbay doors, Captain Ohad had
:iconnotsun:Notsun 1 0
CH 7. Adtactus
AA I: 1/28/35
May 5th, 2044
    Vindico Hanger 02

    "This is Rachel Trainer reporting live from the Vindico. It seems that probing the alien planet, only known as 'Adtactus' for now, has come up short. It does still emit signals however and is covered in dense vegetation never seen before. I'm here now in one of the hangers of the ship as an armed, landing party is preparing to go down to the planet below. With me is the man in command of the 'Rex’ squad of the operation, officer Brek Nash. Lieutenant Nash, according to what we know, do you think your party will be ready for what is down there? The first, life sustaining planet humans have ever set foot on?" The perky reporter said as she approached the officer.
    "Well, we can only do our best. We are equipped with the best tools, training, and men, but we haven't a clue to what might be down there. Our objective is to find some data and have m
:iconnotsun:Notsun 1 0
CH 6. Discovery
AA I: 1/24/35
May 1st, 2044
    Vindico Medbay 02

    Richard was playing on his phone. Meshullam came in from the other room of the clinic and immediately went to a console to input some data. Richard tapped his cigar into a nearby ashtray. Never looking up. "So. Is he going to live doc?"
Mesh was getting used to his sarcasm. "A minor abrasion on the distal region of his upper forearm. He will live."
"Most humans die when they touch dirt. If he makes a full recovery, you should get a medal."
Mesh finished up documenting the data on a patient he just treated and came to sit down by Richard. His chair was a bit bigger than the smoking doctor's. Said doctor adjusted his cigar and crossed his legs. "Having fun treating us little people yet? I still haven't had a chance to patch up one of you guys."
Mesh seemed to be operating a screen in his helmet, but the Ittai answered. "Minor injuries such as cuts and bruises are hardly any
:iconnotsun:Notsun 2 0
Ittai Suited (Concept!) by Notsun Ittai Suited (Concept!) :iconnotsun:Notsun 13 10
CH 5. Captain
AA I: 4/63/34
April 6th, 2044
   The Observation Dome

"Yes, PROXY?"
"All crew members are aboard. And ship systems are ready for another jump."
"Thank you." The android left Ohad alone in his room again. He was sitting, cross legged on the dark floor of the circular room. It looked like a small, half dome, in which most of the top and sides were windows to the void outside, to space. Stars leaking their light in. But in truth, it was simply cameras of the empty environment outside the Vindico. Windows were a safety hazard. He could just as easily be in the heart of the ship. Samureli stood up and pushed a button on the side of his digital visor. "Silas. Are the engines prepped?"
And from the other end of the communicator came the engineer's voice. "Yes, Captain. On Your order."
"Make a ship-wide notification. We're moving back to FTL to our first system."
"I will."
:iconnotsun:Notsun 1 0
CH 4. Silver
AA I: 4/63/34
April 6th, 2044
   Vindico Hanger 02
    Connie pulled off her helmet, jumped out of the seat of her fighter and stepped down the boarding ladder. When her feet hit the deck of the hanger, her ship was beginning to get stowed away for maintenance, refuel, and to make room for the rest of the fighters. Two of her squadron mates in Silver were already out of their ships as well and she moved to them at the end of the hanger. She heard the ginger speak first. "So what did you think of the captain's speech?"
"I swear, I think he's trying to upset the crew."
"You think? I wonder how much of this was detailed back to Earth."
"I want to see the faces of those poor sods  who were blown off the ship!" The taller one laughed. He soon saw Connie approaching and gave a short wave. "Hey Silver 4, nice shooting out there."
Connie crossed her arms. Giving a sarcastic smirk. "That computer diagram never saw me c
:iconnotsun:Notsun 2 0
XCOM: Nessrean Ritus by Notsun XCOM: Nessrean Ritus :iconnotsun:Notsun 9 24
CH 3. The Perfect Test
AA I: 4/63/34
April 6th, 2044
    Vindico Engineering Deck; Engine 02
         "Silas! The engine is working perfectly!"
"What about the sub-light drive?"
"Inactive but it appears in order."
Silas nodded to Anthony who was checking the systems over again. "Secondary fuel line connected correctly as well?"
Anthony turned to the Ittai and saluted. "Absolutely!"
"Excellent. No need for that." Silas waved down the salute and Anthony grinned.
"Your people are so lucky… Figuring out how to build this engine before us humans could."
Silas made an amused grunt. "Hmmph. You were all fairly close. Just a matter of- Yes, Rebecca?" Silas and Anthony heard Rebecca from the communicator, as she was in the next room over.
"The Command Crew is preparing to exit FTL. Are we already at our first location?"
Silas took a moment to check and confirm it. “... I suppose we are. These drives must exceed even my e
:iconnotsun:Notsun 2 0
CH 2. Departure
AA I: 4/63/34
April 6th, 2044

Vindico Medbay 02
    “Today will stand as a monumental occasion in both the history of mankind and Ittai. The first collaborative effort of both peoples to better our future. We will no longer be alone in our travels, in our struggles, and our achievements. We will no longer fear what is beyond, but embrace it! As the stars were not meant to be observed from afar, but visited! Today, our first of a dream of many, manned vessels will leave our humble world and the illumination of our sun, to bask in the light of many others. Today, we celebrate the Ittai New Year by this granting of their wish, and in turn, ours as well. We will vindicate them and ourselves, putting our foot forward and preparing ourselves for the galactic community. Today, we valiantly say: 'We are ready for the heavens!'”
    "Wow. Those speeches sure make us sound noble. And I'm pretty sure they just used
:iconnotsun:Notsun 2 0
CH.1 The Engineers
      AA I: 4/63/34
      April 6th, 2044

         Their boots clanged against the metal flooring underneath them. Down the marked hallway and calmly marching past the hustle and bustle of uniformed dock workers around them. Out the occasionally window, a view of Earth was seen. It's peaceful oceans, it's swirling clouds and the green lands embedded in it. From up here, it was always a sight to behold. The male engineer smiled to it, nearly bumping into his sister alongside him. To which, she sighed and nudged him to watch where he was going.
"We're coming back. Stop acting like you'll never see it again." She adjusted her uniform.
"Well, you don't know that." He turned his head now to her, smiling. "What if… A giant asteroid the size of Mars hurdles at it? Or everyone blows each other up? OR, we accidentally make a Black Hole that eats Earth up a
:iconnotsun:Notsun 3 2
 AA I: 2/42/1
Vessel-Wide Announcement Recording. Shuttle: Achim
Primary Speaker: Captain Dionysius
    “Attention. Attention. Good morning. And may The Five Be.
Before we move to the normal announcements, I must relay some important data. Sensitive, data. All who wish to hear it plainly may change to channel two. Then take a knee.”
Static. Click.
    “... this is the day we feared. As of 05:10, we lost contact with home. Because it is under attack. Not from terrorists, not from rebels. From them. And as is this ship’s duty, this, blessing of foresight… we are not to attempt contact. Either they will establish contact with us once more when the attack is repelled, or…
Or all is lost. They are still generating signals, but every channel has the same message.
Fear. Destruction. Death.”
    “… a
:iconnotsun:Notsun 4 11
Alexander 'Meow' Tasel by Notsun Alexander 'Meow' Tasel :iconnotsun:Notsun 11 22 Rooooy! by Notsun Rooooy! :iconnotsun:Notsun 9 16 Tolk-! And other... by Notsun Tolk-! And other... :iconnotsun:Notsun 15 27
Don't call me an artist. I am not, but I draw a little bit, if you are going to like anything on this page it is going to be in the favorites, thanks for visiting though!

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"Every genuine work of art has as much reason for being as the Earth and the Sun."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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These games have taken over my life.... and most of the time it effects me is when I am not on it!! I draw them, I talk with (like) them, and I am sooo curious about the series and it's lore. ;).

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Fingrprints, she is a good sister. :)

Rainbowmyst, she is also a good sister. :D


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Star Wars: The Last Jedi! 

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You do not need to watch me just because I watched you or appreciated your art! I am mainly on this website to talk to you all and see all of your work, I try to draw pretty much for fun and I am trying to get better but it is not my main incentive on here, YOU ARE!

"I have lived, Sir, a long time, and the longer I live, the more convincing proofs I see of this truth that God Governs in the affairs of men. And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without his notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without his aid?"
-Benjamin Franklin

"Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind."
-Albert Einstein

“I would rather live my life as if there is a god and die to find out there isn't, than live my life as if there isn't and die to find out there is.”
-Albert Camus

I am a Christian and will defend my faith and occasionally point to it through posts. I hope you don't mind as you continue your browsing on my page or anything else to further a relationship with me.

Should the time come when you feel you don't want to watch me feel free too! I won't stalk you or anything to get you back. :iconhehplz:

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Thank :iconstatic01: for the videos right above!

Oh and if you want to see what I am doing OFF DA you can look up my Playstation Network ID

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Language: English

Here is some awesome pictures that my OC's are in or I am am mentioned in, great work guys!
two warriors by dragonsponies the 5 legends (project) by dragonsponies and war never changes by dragonsponies by :icondragonsponies:

:meow: :iconwasder26: :meow:

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by :iconplenilunij-lee:

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In the woods of Falkreath, an Argonain Companion named Crystal-la was finishing her last assignment from a small bandit camp. "Huzza! A free night! Finally!" she giggled and cheered. The moons were rising and it was a perfect night to wander the woods, stalk the roads or to find anything of interest. Not for her argonian self but it was for her werewolf self that needed some relaxation time. Quickly, she removed her armor and stuck it in a hallow log so she could start to shapeshift into a brown werewolf.
Crystal-la let out a howl after shapeshifting and started to wander the woods. Things seemed pretty quiet since there were no bandits so she tried to find a way to entertain herself. She caught a scent in the air and slowly started to follow the new scent
*On that very night, another Argonian wearing mage robes was wearily following behind a short but quite intimidating Bosmer riding a horse while wearing Dragon scaled armor. Scary..*
Argonian: "TOURS! Ca
by :iconkayly101:

Commission to Fallen by Kikioh-San Twin Trouble by Kikioh-San Day in the Rift by Kikioh-San Halloween special by Kikioh-San and Answer 1 by Kikioh-Sanby :iconkikioh-san:

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The Gang's All Here! by Metallica1147 BAFFL's (For my friend Notsun) by Metallica1147 Godzummy vs Tours DEATH BATTLE by Metallica1147 A Small Preview by Metallica1147 and Happy Birthday Tolk-Romer! by Metallica1147 by :iconmetallica1147:


I like to do icons, so I shall compile a list of my favorites!

CHIBI Justin Stamp by Gneiss-chert


Derkeethus Disco time....
    So I never post things anymore, but I keep getting watchers... why not try to communicate a little? :meow:
I'm a huge fan of Elder Scrolls and fantasy and sci-fi, but my favorite fandom has to be Star Wars. I just kept quiet because I didn't feel confident drawing it, and I honestly ran into more people who Role-Played Skyrim and Elder Scrolls Online. :icondragonheheplz:

    Long story short, a new Star Wars movie is out! I think it earns more than a little poll, eh? I'd like to talk to you guys!

    THIS JOURNAL IS SPOILER FREE PLEASH! I also posted a journal if you want to talk about spoilers! :D  Star Wars: The Last Jedi (SPOILERS TALK!) HERE BE SPOIL DISCUSSION! :D

So yeah! If you've seen the movie, share your thoughts! If you haven't, tell me what you want from it!
    If you don't want to see it, TELL MEH WHY. :iconsexybrowsplz:
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  • Watching: Star Wars: The Last Jedi (4th time-)
  • Playing: Fortnite: Battle Royale, Battlefront II, Overwatch
  • Eating: Crunchy, Microwave tacos!
  • Drinking: Almond Chocolate Milk!


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